Dragon v. Premium Retail Services Inc.

Our law firm represents Plaintiff, Valerie Dragon, who filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Premium Retail Services, Inc. on behalf of herself, and all other persons employed by Premium Retail as merchandisers during any period of time from February 8, 2008 to the present. The allegations in the case are that Premium Retail failed to pay Ms. Dragon and the potential class members appropriately for all the time worked, including, travel time, clerical time for obtaining job assignments, writing reports, uploading photos, etc., failed to reimburse said employees for gas and other expenses, and failed to allow employees to take meal period breaks or rest period breaks. The lawsuit seeks damages and restitution for Ms. Dragon and all potential class members. Potential Class Members should receive an email to fill out a survey to help provide more information about the case. If you need a copy of the survey or more information please contact us. For a copy of the Complaint, please click the link below.

Conformed Complaint