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Have you been the victim of defamation? Was something written or said about you that caused damage to your reputation? Did the defamation impact your career, leading to job loss or difficulty getting another job? You have the right to seek compensation and justice. Our attorneys can help.

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Since 1990, we have built a record of results helping victims of defamation. We represent people in Los Angeles and throughout California who have had their careers or reputations ruined because of things that have been written or spoken about them.

What Is Defamation?

Defamation of character comes in a variety of forms. When it comes in written form, it is referred to as libel. When it comes in spoken form, it is referred to as slander.

In order for something to constitute defamation, it must include a false assertion of fact about a person. Expression of opinions is not defamation of character. For example, if an Internet piece includes a statement of fact that a person was guilty of theft, when in fact the person was not, this could constitute defamation. A speech that makes no reference to facts, but in which the speaker expresses negative opinions about someone else, is not defamation. This can be a fine line but, when the line is crossed, we can take action.

Defamation and False Arrest

Many defamation cases are associated with claims of false arrest. When a person is accused of a crime, arrested and imprisoned, even if for only a short amount of time, that person could suffer serious damage to their reputation and their career because of the false allegations. Our lawyers have the experience necessary to stand up for people falsely accused of criminal conduct.

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