Premises Liability

California Lawyers Handling Premises Liability Claims

Property owners are legally obligated to take steps to keep the people on their properties safe. Owners of apartment buildings must keep tenants safe. Owners of grocery stores and retail stores must keep shoppers safe. Owners of gas stations, nightclubs, strip malls and all other commercial properties must keep patrons safe. When they fail to take the appropriate safety precautions and someone gets hurt, they should be held responsible.

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Since 1990, we have built a record of results getting compensation and justice for victims of property owner negligence. We represent people in Los Angeles and throughout California in premises liability claims of all types:

  • Negligent security
  • Stairwell injury
  • Falling accident

What Duties Does a Property Owner Have?

While it is true that some accidents are simply not preventable, many are. If a strip mall is regularly the site of parking lot assaults, the property owners have good reason to improve security. If they do not and another person is assaulted, they should be held accountable. If a stairwell is obviously in disrepair and remains in disrepair for weeks, a person who falls down the steps can take action against the property owner. Essentially, the property owner is responsible for preventing any accidents that are obviously foreseeable.

We Level the Playing Field

Many property owners are big businesses, with substantial resources at their disposal. They do not frighten us. Our attorneys level the playing field by building strong premises liability cases. We are trial attorneys, so if litigation is necessary, we are prepared. We will go in front of a jury, if that is what it takes to get you the compensation and justice you need.

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