Product Liability

California Attorneys Handling Defective Product Claims

On any given day, a person uses dozens of products. The majority of these products are perfectly safe to use because the manufacturer took the steps necessary to make certain they would not cause any harm to the user. Unfortunately, there are manufacturers that occasionally fail to take these steps. The end result is a product with a design or manufacturing defect that causes harm to the user. Our lawyers help people hurt by defective products.

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Since 1990, we have built a record of results handling product liability claims in Los Angeles and throughout California. We can handle claims involving defective devices of all types:

  • Defective cookware and kitchen products
  • Defective household appliances
  • Defective toys and children's products
  • Defective industrial equipment

Dangerous Product Design or Manufacturing Defect?

Product liability cases can be divided into two categories. The first category involves products that were simply designed poorly. The danger was clear in the product's blueprints, but was either ignored or overlooked. The second category involves products that were not manufactured correctly. Manufacturing errors could be as seemingly minor as using the wrong type of screws when assembling the product.

We Will Take on Major Manufacturers

It is true that big businesses are tough opponents. Manufacturers will fight product liability claims. If they lose, it is a strike against their products. It could cause them a great deal of lost business. They may be forced to recall products, which is costly. They will fight, but we will fight back. We know what it takes to build strong cases, cases that can overcome big businesses and get results.

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