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Class Action Litigation For Consumers

At Schonbrun Seplow Harris Hoffman & Zeldes, LLP, our attorneys represent clients in California and throughout the world in complex consumer class-actions.

What Is A Consumer Class Action?

A consumer class-action claim is a civil lawsuit brought by a defrauded consumer or small group of defrauded consumers on behalf of a larger group of consumers who have been harmed in a similar manner.

In a consumer class action, multiple people purchased the same product or service (and/or have been exposed to the same practice) and suffered similar injuries. Rather than bringing many individual lawsuits against the same manufacturer, retailer or entity, a class action provides the opportunity to combine the multiple cases into a single class and bring one unified lawsuit. Potentially any practice that violates the law on a wide scale can be the subject of a class action lawsuit.

At Schonbrun Seplow Harris Hoffman & Zeldes, LLP, our attorneys handle a wide range of consumer class-action claims, including but not limited to ones involving:

  • False or deceptive labeling (and advertising) that can mislead consumers about what they are buying (woke washing, green washing, ethical/sustainability claims, health claims, properties promised but not present in the products, BPA free, PFA/PFOAs, low carb/high protein claims);
  • Consumer banking, lending, overdraft charges;
  • Hidden fees or costs that are not properly disclosed;
  • Bait and switch claims;
  • Bogus university claims;
  • Privacy violations, which can expose consumers to targeted marketing without their consent and other serious problems;
  • Data breaches, which can expose customers to theft, credit fraud and other serious problems;
  • Insurance fraud (discrimination in underwriting, redlining, kickback schemes);
  • Product defect litigation (dangerous products, products not working as advertised);
  • Elder abuse/senior fraud;
  • Tax payer claims;
  • Public interest claims;
  • Mass torts;
  • Environmental and climate change;
  • Constitutional claims;
  • Human rights claims;
  • Employment class actions

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