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Taking Action Against Victims Of Workplace Retaliation

Employers are forbidden by law to retaliate against an employee when the employee makes a complaint about workplace discrimination or harassment. They are forbidden to retaliate against an employee when the employee reports unlawful conduct on the part of the employer, such as fraud or violations of environmental laws. Unfortunately, some employers think they can disobey the law. If you have been the victim of retaliation, you can take action with our law firm on your side.

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Retaliation Comes In Many Forms

Retaliatory discharge is the most common form of retaliation. An employee is terminated for reporting discrimination, harassment or illegal activities.

Retaliation can also come in the form of disciplinary actions, negative performance reviews, being overlooked for raises or being overlooked for promotions. It can even be something like forcing an employee to work a more physically demanding job without a suitable pay increase. Regardless of the form retaliation takes, we can help.

We Will Go To Court To Win Retaliation Cases

We are trial lawyers. We are happy to take cases involving retaliation to trial. In fact, these cases tend to be very successful in front of a jury. We will show that a complaint was lodged. We will show that an action was taken against you shortly after, an action that cannot simply be coincidental in terms of its timing. We will make it clear to them that retaliation happened and that they should award you compensation and justice.

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