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Seeking Justice For Victims Of Police Misconduct

Since 1990, Schonbrun Seplow Harris Hoffman & Zeldes, LLP has built a record of results helping victims of police misconduct in Los Angeles and throughout California. Our strong attorneys are vigorous advocates who are willing to take on any opponent, including police departments, in order to do right for those who have been harmed.

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Allegations of police misconduct are frequent. Many people believe they were arrested without probable cause. Many people believe their constitutional rights were violated by an illegal search and seizure. There are also people who suffer much more serious forms of law enforcement misconduct. There are people who are seriously injured or even killed. There are people who are sent to prison for years before someone realizes that a mistake has been made and sets them free. These people truly deserve compensation and justice.

We frequently handle cases involving:

Police Misconduct Comes In Many Forms

While excessive force and false arrest claims are perhaps the most common forms of police misconduct, our attorneys have seen many ways that police officers can abuse their power. For example, we handled a case involving a girl who was killed by gang members. The reason she was killed was because police officers falsely told them the girl had “snitched on them.” While these cases may be rare, they tend to be tragic. We can help.

We Will Take On The Police Department

We are trial lawyers, ready to go up against major opponents. To do this, we must take great care and thoroughly prepare the case. If you are considering getting in touch with us to take action, we encourage you to immediately start documenting. Keep medical records. Take photos of injuries. If there were witnesses, compile their names. Every detail could make a difference as we build your case to go up against the police.

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