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New bills challenge immunity for gun manufacturers

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2023 | Consumer Class Action

A pair of new bills are being introduced in California. These bills are designed to allow private rights of action against gun manufacturers and dealers in the state. They represent a new level of ability on the part of the state to push back at gun manufacturers’ immunity.

New laws target gun makers and dealers

The new pieces of legislation have been specially designed to aid California residents to launch civil litigation against gun dealers and makers. Senate Bill 1327 will allow people to file suit against gun makers and dealers in state court. This can occur after any crime where an illegal gun was a major factor in its commission.

AB 1594 has been set up to allow private rights of actions against gun dealers and makers. It applies when these individuals or companies are found to be marketing their products to certain dangerous groups of people. These may be people who have been found to be at risk of harming themselves or others.

Both new laws may face challenges

Both of these laws may soon face strong resistance from the gun industry as well as conservative legislators in the state . Many observers are concerned that the laws could lead to a wave of destructive class action lawsuits. Others feel that their right to bear arms is being unduly threatened.

Whether or not the gun industry continues to enjoy robust immunity remains to be seen. There is concern that the laws may soon be challenged. Most experts believe that the laws are specific enough in their intention to easily pass. However, the recent rightward turn of the Supreme Court does give some of them pause.