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SSHH& Z lawyers join other LA civil rights lawyers in Protecting the Rights of Protestors.

Paul Hoffman, Michael Seplow, Aidan McGlaze and John Washington are part of a team of LA civil rights lawyers in suing the LAPD for violating the rights of peaceful protestors during mass protests after the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. The lawsuit seeks to prohibit the LAPD, among other things, from firing projectiles into crowds and from detaining protestors for hours in unventilated buses in tight handcuffs without any law enforcement justification 

BFA and SSHH Sue Honda Over Infotainment Defect in Acura RDX

Bleichmar Fonti & Auld LLP and Schonbrun Seplow Harris Hoffman & Zeldes, LLP have filed a class action lawsuit against Honda alleging that Honda knowingly marketed and sold the Acura RDX, model years 2019 and 2020, with a defective infotainment system.

Forced Arbitration: Time For A Change

Imagine the following scenario: You go on various job interviews and are given an offer. Your new employer hands you a package of materials for you to review and sign before you can officially begin the job. Among the various documents you are handed is a so-called "Agreement to Arbitrate." It says that both you and your employer agree that any disputes concerning your employment (including claims for discrimination, harassment, payment of wages or wrongful termination) must be resolved by binding arbitration and that you are waiving your right to bring an action in court and also waiving your right to a trial by jury. The "agreement" also says that you also agree to not bring or participate in any class action lawsuits against the employer. And by the way, the so-called agreement states that it can be modified at any time by the employer.

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