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California Attorneys Handling Racial Harassment Claims

Since 1990, Schonbrun Seplow Harris Hoffman & Zeldes, LLP has been helping victims of racial harassment and hostile work environments in Los Angeles and throughout California. Our experience, knowledge and resources allow us to take on the biggest employers and successfully get compensation and justice for the people we represent. The proof is in our record of results.

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Of all the forms race and ethnic discrimination can come in, harassment may be the most painful. Racial harassment can be name-calling. It can be racist jokes. It can be the presence of nooses, swastikas or other similarly hateful symbols in the workplace. If you have been the target of racial harassment, it is important to know that this is illegal. You can fight back, and our attorneys can help you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

There Is No Excuse For Racism In The Workplace

Our experience means we have seen all of the excuses employers will use. Perhaps they will claim that you participated in it somehow, that there was mutual name-calling between you and the supervisor or co-workers who harassed you. Of course, it is important that you conduct yourself appropriately in the workplace, demonstrating professionalism and dealing with racial harassment in the appropriate manner. Even so, these excuses may arise. We know how to deal with them.

Racism Does Exist

As trial attorneys, we build cases with juries in mind. By keeping the probable results of a jury trial at the forefront each and every step of the way, it enables us to obtain the best results for our clients, whether by resolution at mediation, or trial by jury.

An interesting challenge we have discovered is that there will be some members of the jury who may believe that our society has moved past racism, that it no longer exists. They may be quick to dismiss the claim for that reason. When we build a case, we build it to overcome this challenge by educating the members of the jury about the realities of racism in the workplace.

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